Kanban for my kids

I am a working mom of three wonderful kids, but seriously getting three kids up, ready, fed and out the door can be an epic challenge every single day.   If you have kids like mine they never seen to remember the tasks that need to be done everyday. The same tasks never change but they can’t seem to focus on them and they can’t seem to get any of them done with out me hounding them for status….are you done yet, are you done yet, are you done yet.   All I can think each morning is please make the pain of this stop.

Each weekend the kids also have their chores that they are responsible for completing.  I use to create little todo lists for each of them and then they would cross off the tasks as they completed them.  This worked well for the weekend chores but not so well for creating one of these each morning.

This weekend I decided to introduced a simple kanban board for them to use, the goal being for the kids to know what they are suppose to do each morning and on the weekends and giving them the action to participate.  This also allows them to report their own status in the morning scrum at the breakfast table.  😉

Some might think this is crazy, some might think this is evil to take work habits and bring them home, but at this point I am willing to try a new method to bring a bit of structure to what feels like chaos.  I also want my kids to take responsibility for their activities.  Below is the pic of my daughters board.


I am hoping that this will make our morning routine be a bit more productive and result in less stressed out PM, I mean mom.


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